Powder brows aftercare.

  • On the first day, you need to wipe your eyebrows every 1.5-2 hours with a cotton pad and water.
  • From the 2nd day, eyebrows can not be wet for 1 week.  
  • In the first week, do not apply any cosmetics or scrubs to the Permanent area.  
  • For 2 weeks, do not do active sports or visit the solarium or sauna.  
  • The result of the procedure depends on your care.


What is the result after the procedure?  

You will get incredible eyebrows.  In the first week they will be rich in colour. 2-4 weeks the crust peels off and the eyebrows become light.  You will see the final colour in 1 month when your skin is completely regenerated.  From 6 to 12 weeks you can make adjustments and add saturation.

How long does permanent makeup last?  

This is individual for each client.  It depends on the type of skin and care after the procedure.  After approximately 12-18 months, you need to resume the procedure.