Nail Extensions.

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What are nail extensions?

Simply put, they are extensions placed over the tips of your natural nails to provide increased length. They are made from the same gel that nail polish is made from.

There are 2 types of treatments – Gel and Acrylic … we offer both treatments.

What are Gel nail extensions?

Gel nails are made by a three-step process, which consists of brushing a base coat, nail polish, and top coat over your natural nails. 

With each coat, the nail is placed under a UV light for somewhere between 30 seconds and two minutes to cure. 

Once cured, the layer of gel polish hardens and won’t smudge like a regular nail polish. 

The final result is nails that are glossy and have a freshly manicured look.

What are Acrylic nails extension?

Acrylic nails are made of a combination of liquid and powder that’s laid over your natural nail with a brush. 

Once the mixture is applied, your nails are filed and shaped to emulate the look of natural nails. 

After your acrylic nails are shaped, each nail is painted with a base coat, nail polish colour, and top coat. 

Nails are then set under a UV lamp to dry.

How long does the treatment take?

Full nails extension normally takes 2-2.5 hours and Infills take around 1.5-2 hours.

How long do nail extension last?

It all depends on how you take care of them. 

If you’re careful, you can keep your nails for one month, maybe a little longer.

Remember, if you want to protect your natural nails, you need to make infills every 2-3 weeks.

How can the technician make an extension on my natural nails?

There are two types of nails extension. Technicians make extensions by using tips or nail formers (stickers) which are placed on natural nails and with a brush apply the gel.

The gel is dried in a UV lamp. When the gel hardens, the technician takes a file to create the nail shape.

After the extensions, you can choose any of the shellac colours or you could leave them with gel colour.

Do I need to prepare my nails before the visit?

Normally, we not cutting cuticles or shaping your natural nails before extension. So if you want you can prepare (but it’s not needed) or you can pay extra and we will make a manicure before extending.

Advantages of nail extensions.

  • Nails extensions do not damage natural nails. Under the artificial layer, they continue to grow as normal.
  • Nails extension is great for those who have a bad habit such as nail biting :)
    It’s a great way to get rid of that habit and grow longer natural nails.
  • Hands always look great which makes you feel great too.
  • The technician can make any length and any shape to your nails.

Disadvantages of nail extensions.

  • If the extended nail breaks, you will need to visit a technician.
    The nail will need to be extended again which will of course cost some money.
  • Nail extensions can only be removed in the salon. You can’t remove them at home as it requires special tools.

What if I want to remove the extensions at home?

We don’t recommend this. There is a good chance that attempting to remove the nails extension at home will severely damage the natural nail plate.